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    SevenTrust®WPC Comprehensive anti weather wall panel


    141x13mm (5.5*0.5 in)


     Material: Aluminum
    2 * 1.5 * 2.8mm

     Installed on the joists and used as the            

    connection  between each US09 board


     Material: Rubber

    Ø 18 * 8mm

     Installed on the joists to support the US09
     when installing the last board

Exterior Wall Panel

SevenTrust® Seven Trust Exterior Wall Panel Beautiful, durable,With a unique industrial design and accessories, the best choice wood siding. 

• Realistic wood texture, color soft and natural. Non-stick stains, anti-sun fade, low maintenance. 

• Wall board wallboard key AW08 will US09 shop connected to the keel while making between wood panels and walls to maintain a certain distance, the air can circulate and keep dry, isolated rain and snow seep out. AW08 also regulated material expansion and contraction direction. 






• Comprehensive anti weather wall panel Air can circulate between the wood panels and walls, keeping the internal drying and isolation of rain and snow infiltration.


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