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    Seven Trust WPC Simple Floor,You can do it yourself to paving complete

    to help you balcony become a warm and pleasant.

    • SevenTrust® Technology: Powerful anti-stain, low maintenance
    • Colour Choose: 12 colors.Conventional: Chocolate, brown-red, orange, black, light gray,
      dark green, wood color, dark gray

    • Size: 11.8 x 11.8 inch and 11.8 x 23.6 inch
    • Plastic bottom bracket, stainless steel screws
    • Bottom bracket design: Any combination of four directions to connect to a different
      pattern, easy to install

    • Fast and easy installation without tools




 Seven Trust WPC Simple Floor,Lifelike natural wood, bottom bracket interlock ingenuity, you remove all the troubles and difficulties Conventional floor when installing it yourself to complete paving.Simple Floor easy to crack, low maintenance. 

Seven Trust WPC Simple Floor,The unique design of the bottom bracket interlock system to facilitate drainage. No installation experience, easy to operate.

Imagine just one day, you can enjoy the pleasure of personally beautify their homes, and no additional labor and time. 


  • ● Ready to use, convenient and affordable
  • ● Without tools, simple and easy to install  
  • ● Shop on the roof terrace, pleasant space legislation may enjoy 
  • ● Interlocking end of care, unique design
  • ● Multiple Colour,Variety of wood, meaning that you always have a combined
  • ● 100% Environmental Products 
  • ● Almost zero maintenance, worry and effort  


  • Chocolate color
  • Mahogany color
  • Teak color
  • Blue-gray
  • Bark Grain
  • Physalospora Grain
  • Polished

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