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     Simple&Quick Installation

        DIY products without professional tools, simple and quick installation. .

    Flower Boxes Sandbox


     It is recommended that the deck or floor products supporting the use of hidden drainage exempt stains trouble. So you can easily enjoy outdoor recreation.


     This product can be used alone


     Use green coextrusion wpc materials, easy maintenance without paint worry, you can make Colour lasting as new.


    SevenTrust® WPC

    Polymer material coated with a protective layer including core uniformly and intimately, as low as 0.2% of the water absorption:

    ● Anti-stain - Easy Maintenance

    ● Anti-Scratch - Maintaining beautiful appearance

    ● Anti-Corrosion - Withstand harsh environments

    ● Anti-Slip - Non-slip surface to ensure safety

    ● Anti-fungal Promote the healthy growth of plants

    ● Free paint - Save money and effort and worry


     Special filter mesh underlays:

        Discharge excess water, to ensure that the soil is dry at the same time, and effective promotion of the photosynthesis of plants


     Unique filtration screen skids, by discharging excess water, keeping the soil dry simultaneously, and can effectively ensure photosynthesis plant roots to absorb oxygen, help plants grow flower box.



Flower boxes Installation Notes

1. The rebase buckle placed on a horizontal surface

2. The four corner posts insert buckle

3. The filter mesh pad flat on the bottom pad

4. The 4 side panels and then click Insert edge slot

5. The screws into the screw holes fixed side panels

6. Replace the 4 corners turn down the cap, the installation is complete


Product Description: