Project Case
  • Coextrusion WPC Floor

    March 2015

    Coextrusion WPC Floor is closest maki texture, high-end, the atmosphere, the grade.

  • Coextrusion WPC Floor

    March 2015

    Durable, non-slip scratch
    Super fouling
    low maintenance

  • Coextrusion WPC Floor

    March 2015

    360 Coextrusion layer cladding, advanced surface treatment technology.

  • Simple Floor

    March 2015

    you can do it yourself to paving is complete, to help you balcony become a warm and pleasant.

  • Coextrusion WPC Wall Panel

    July 2015

    Realistic wood texture, non-stick stains, ultra-low maintenance.

  • Coextrusion WPC Pavillion

    April 2015

    Coextrusion wood panels unique texture and color gradient effect, so that the entire landscape pavilion become a most beautiful lake scenery.

  • Coextrusion WPC Fence

    June 2015

    Seven Trust WPC utilize various profiles,you can create a variety of stylish and elegant outdoor recreation facilities.

  • Coextrusion WPC Flower Beds Application

    August 2014

    In the garden-style apartment has been widely used, it has become fashionable urban greening activities environment.

  • WPC handrail Application

    October 2013

    Seven Trust WPC railing design is simple and elegant, easy to install and flexible, durable and beautiful.

  • WPC Pavillion Application

    September 2014

    Easy installation, lightweight, yet beautiful, fresh and elegant, fresh and unique.

  • WPC Pergola Application

    November 2014

    Unique pergola design, coupled with high performance wood materials, making garden more modern and elegant.